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PRE-LICENSE sales associate COURSE - $75

This 63-hour sales associate course covers real estate principles, practices, and law plus real estate mathematics. Successful completion of the this course fulfills state pre-licensing requirements and enables you to apply for the State exam. The content conforms to the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) Course I Syllabus for the pre-license course for sales associates.


Florida EXAM PREP - $59

The program is professionally designed to give you an interactive learning experience that will help prepare you to pass the state licensing exam.



Your key to acing the math portion of the real estate exam. Conquer that fear you have always had of real estate math. Math Master offers real estate math problems often found on your exam and provides you with clear and concise explanations. These math tips will also be helpful in your career in real estate. Master real estate mathematics with ease!



This comprehensive package includes the Sales Associate Pre-License course, the Florida Exam Prep, and Mathmaster. Combine all three and save!



Give yourself the best chance for success! This package includes The Works Package (Online) PLUS the Workbook!

*All of our pre-license courses are designed to be taken independently from any specific textbook. The online prelicensing course covers all the required material necessary to prepare you for the FL state licensing exam. The workbook included in this package is an excellent additional learning resource and provided as a supplemental reference only.



The Florida Real Estate Pre-licensing Silver Solution has everything you need to fulfill Florida's real estate education requirement to qualify for sitting for the state exam to become a real estate salesperson. As an added bonus to the mandatory 63 hours, MathMaster is also included to give you the crash course into real estate math to better ensure your success! Included:

1. Florida Sales Pre-license Course

2. MathMaster: There's no need to be afraid of tackling math problems. The purpose of this is to give you the tools and expertise to ""master"" real estate math. Students will love the hands-on practice problems and detailed, clear descriptions of the purpose, use and formulas.

3. Instructor Support: Every course comes with the support from an industry expert that can help answer questions you many have throughout the course.

4. 5-star Customer and Technical Support: Call anytime and a caring staff—customer service, course consultants, or tech support, will be happy to answer your questions and provide the support you need.


real estate principles & practices - $62.95

Organized around the natural flow and sequence of events in a real estate transaction, this text employs a realistic and practical approach to learning the basics of real estate. Students will appreciate Arlyne Geschwender’s friendly tone and accessible reading style. Recent changes in modern real estate law and practice have been incorporated in this revised edition, along with new forms and contracts. Features: • Provides a unique approach for the introductory student since the book follows the natural sequence of a real estate transaction • Features an open-faced layout and wide margins that encourage note-taking • Contains clear and concise definitions of concepts and terms • Includes numerous examples to aid the novice student • Highlights websites to encourage further research • Engages classroom discussions and promotes real-world application with end-of-chapter review questions and discussion points A separate workbook is available to complement this text, delivering additional reinforcement exercises and practice exam questions for self-paced learning.



Prep xL by OnCourse Learning is a sophisticated exam prep tool that leverages adaptive learning technology to tailor study materials to meet your individual needs. Its personalized learning paths provide the optimal study experience to prepare you for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam. This product should be used only after completion of the state pre-licensing course requirement.

Prep xL features: 

- Customized study plan including daily goals that adapt based on activity throughout the system.

- Self-paced, comprehensive library of over 1,000 practice questions that will allow you to concentrate on specific topics based on your confidence and knowledge of the subject.

- Full-length, timed exams that simulate an actual testing environment.

- Real-time readiness data to track your progress and identify your strengths and areas of focus.



Extend your time with any course offered.



FREC Approved - 45hrs

License Renewal Dates March 31 & September 30

Whether you have an active or inactive sales associate license you must complete all post-licensing requirements prior to your first renewal. Now it's time to step it up a notch through this comprehensive post-licensing course. Our 45-hour course gives you fuller insight into the dynamics of real estate transactions.

Through this convenient, online approach you will become a more astute real estate professional. The course is designed to teach you the use of technology tools for business, while stressing the importance of business development and practical ways to approach your profession.

This 45-hour post-licensing, distance-learning course will provide deeper insight into topics as varied as:

  • Working with diverse cultures

  • Understanding the appraisal process

  • Maximizing the borrower’s buying power

  • Sorting out tax issues and advantages

  • Taking advantage of tax-free exchanges

  • Introducing commercial leasing

  • Property inspection process

  • Real estate financing

Upon satisfactory completion of this course and the exam you will have met all Florida Real Estate Commission requirements for your initial license renewal. Remember that failure to complete this post-licensing requirement prior to submitting your renewal renders your license null and void.


14-Hour continuing education - $19

-- FREC Approved

For any broker and sales associate who is applying for your second license renewal -- or any subsequent renewals--here's a great online alternative to fulfilling your mandatory State requirements. This course, along with the end-of-course exam, fulfills all your bi-annual requirements for completing 14 hours of continuing education. Note that brokers and sales associates renewing a license for the first time must take the 45-hour post-licensing course.

You should take the course at your own pace, at times convenient to you. So your time spent completing the coursework may be more or less than the allotted 14 hours. The course does not even have to be completed all at once, but it must be completed before you send in your renewal to The Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Through our fully online approach, you'll appreciate all the chapters which contain straight-forward lessons with diverse practice-exercises and instructional graphics.

We'll cover topics such as:
• Florida real estate law updates
• Outside state and federal laws affecting real estate
• Commission rules
• Fair Housing laws
• Financing and contract laws

Once you've completed the lessons you simply take the 30-minute online exam, where you must answer 80% of the questions correctly.

Once you successfully complete the course and exam you will receive a certificate of completion. For your convenience, we also register the 14-hour CE Credit directly with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, on your behalf.